Board game bar rolls the dice on late openings so customers can finish ‘often lengthy’ contests

Photograph: Pixabay.

An Islington craft beer bar specialising in board games has applied to the Town Hall for later opening hours to give customers a chance to claim decisive victories in their “often lengthy” contests.

Grin and Beer It on Blackstock Road offers a choice of over 100 titles within its Board Game Cave, including Risk, Settlers of Catan, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

The Town Hall’s licensing committee will decide on 9 May whether to extend Grin and Beer It’s hours until 11pm on Thursdays, and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

The bar’s management said: “With board games being a strong part of our proposition, we are in the unfortunate position of being unable to provide sufficient time for many of our patrons to finish their often lengthy games.

“Our current opening hours have resulted in some dissatisfaction and loss of bookings. We wish to remedy this by extending our hours, but still respecting our relationship with our neighbours.

“Grin and Beer It has been operating at 172 Blackstock Road for close to four months and we have built a strong relationship with local customers. We are unaware of any noise complaints and have had no need to have any interactions with the local police.”

The application has attracted three letters from residents, two in opposition to the proposals.

One resident opposing Grin and Beer It’s application claim that any extension of hours would “impinge on the quiet enjoyment of my home”, though a letter written in support claims that the gamer bar’s patrons are “quiet and respectful”.