Neighbours raise objections at potential ‘noisy guests’ of Pregnant Man

Ray Building. Photograph: Google.

Islington Council’s noise team has suggested a list of conditions on the licence application for the Pregnant Man, a planned inhouse cafe at LinkedIn’s UK headquarters.

Neighbours of the recently refurbished Ray Building on Farringdon Road had raised worries about “noisy guests” leaving the premises, prompting the council to ask the premises to take measures to assuage their doubts.

The Pregnant Man, which has a similar venue in Saatchi & Saatchi’s head offices and hopes to “provide a much needed social hub for those in the Ray and the surrounding area”, has been asked to take a number of precautions including ceasing all movement of its outdoor glassware by 9.30pm and fitting rubber feet to the legs of its furniture.

One resident wrote: “My opposition is on the grounds of preventing further antisocial nuisance in the direct and extended neighbourhood.

“As there is already a gastropub, the Coach, on one side of our building, the addition of another late‐night gastropub less than 40 metres away from the Coach, will largely increase the noise pollution for local residents.

“The idea of noise pollution being a concern is no far‐fetched concept. As we, the residents, have already had issues with local night licenses.

“This is a residential street, which may often be forgotten by people due to the surrounding offices, so the growth of a late‐night economy on the street is incongruous with the residents.”

The Pregnant Man describes itself as the “the fresh-faced, doe-eyed offspring of the advertising world’s most famous drinking establishment serving a vast array of creative juices, food to inform even the most imaginative palettes and the kind of roguish atmosphere that all serious pub-goers deserve”.

Islington Council decides on the application on 6 June.